Rose Café In Society

Contribution of Rose Cafe in the Social & National Perspective

Rose Cafe Bangladesh Limited has started its commercial journey in Bangladesh in 2011 with the aims and objectives to establish a good name in the Coffee & Tea nationwide at an international standard in taste as quality to combat the multinational products those have captured the Bangladesh Market Since years long. Rose Cafe could successfully overcome the initial hurdles within a very short time and conquered the mass mind with its extraordinary quality and guaranteed services. Rose Cafe has reached to the remotest corners of the country and in the very core of the hearts of the people. In Branding its name it also succeeded to attain the 2nd position in the Coffee & Tea world of the country. Rose Cafe management targets to reach to the highest peak, possibly the same is not at far Insha-Allah.It has by this time established its branch office in Malaysia and trying to unvail the screen of more offices in abroad. It has also stepped to the Beverage Sector to diversify and expand its overall business supremacy.

Through establishment of firm footing in the industrial arena, Rose Cafe has materialized its most thoughtful dream to bring hundreds of thousands of well-educated, semi-educated, skilled/unskilled, unemployed working hands towards secured employment. Creating employment opportunities, Rose Cafe could at least resolve undesired employment problem of the society and the country at large.

As a corporate social Responsibility -CSR, Rose Cafe has got a silent program for the poor, unprivileged people, victims of natural calamities. Rose Cafe has started extending possible support to those ill-fated countrymen and endeavouring to establish a footing in the name of the Rose Foundation. The proposed foundation has already started to cater social services by helping the poor orphans and meritorious students whose studies are being ceased to run at the midst of their studies due to utter poverty and incapability of their helpless families. It helps the children in their religious and moral development. It helps religious institutions by collecting jakat from the Rich people and distributes same to the really deserving Sections of poor people of our society, rehabilitates the unprivileged class of people and so one. To say in short, Rose Cafe is designed and destined to cater service to the Mankind with its limited capability but to achieve the lofty goal.

So, in fine, Rose Cafe, side by side of its commercial activities, trying to contribute to the Socio-Economic development of the country and introduce a different Bangladesh in the global status.

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